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Eakambraeswarar Temple

This is one of oldest functioning temples in India. Shiva is said to have manifested himself in the form of Prithvi Lingam. Legend has it that once Parvati, the consort of Shiva was doing penance under the temple’s ancient Mango tree near Vegavathi river.In order to test her devotion Shiva sent fire on her.

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Jambukeswarar Temple

The sanctum of Jambukeswara has an underground water stream and in spite of pumping water out, it is always filled with water. As Akilandeswari worshipped Lord Shiva in this temple, even today at noon the ‘Archakar’ (priest) dresses like a female and does Pooja to Jambukeswara.

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Sri Kalahasteeswara Temple

According to Hindu mythology, the elephant or Hasti used to clean the Shiva deity by watering the idol with the help of river-water carried in his trunks and pray for him by placing Vilva leaves. The spider or Sri tried to protect the deity from external damage by weaving his web and to provide shelter for the Shiva lingam.

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Arunachaleswarar Temple

Annamalaiyar Temple is located at the foothills of the Annamalai Hil in the town of Thiruvannamalai, Tamil Nadu.Shiva is worshiped as Annamalaiyar or Arunachaleswarar represented as Agni lingam, with his consort, Unnamulaiyamman (Apitakuchambaal — Parvati).

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Thillai Natarajar Temple

The deity that presides here is Lord Shiva in form of Nataraj — Lord of Dance. We can see Shiva as in pose of Nataraja performing the Ananda Tandava (“Dance of Delight”) in the golden hall of the shrine.

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